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How I came up with Smudge
I worked at Sony Corp. in San Diego for 9 years when they started laying off 1000's of employees.  I knew then it was a matter of time before my number was up.  Knowing I wanted to run my own business I thought of the things I hated doing at home. Born the Car & Dog Wash idea. Every summer I would take my pups to the dog beach to play in the ocean. As you can imagine it led to very dirty and stinky dogs. When I got home I would leave my dogs in the back of the truck and wash them. My "Ah Ha Moment", what a unique concept for a dog wash tub. Big enough for the large dogs and what dog doesn't like riding in the back of a truck. So I sold everything I owned and moved to Colorado Springs to open Smudge.

Smudge Car Wash
Is Fast, Affordable, and Convenient for the entire family.
We never have enough time especially to get our car washed. We designed Smudge Car Wash with this in mind and giving you numerous choices to get your car clean without having to wait and wait and wait.   My biggest frustration was waiting in slow lines to get my car washed and when I was done my car was still dirty. Then having to pay for vacuums that had no suction. We combined the best of an Express Car Wash with the best Wash Packages anywhere. By doing this you can get your car washed in less than 3 minutes and be on your way.The most obvious change is we placed the vacuums after the Tunnel Wash. This way you don't get stuck waiting for the vehicles in front of you to be vacuumed. Vacuuming takes the most time. Since most people choose not to vacuum, we have placed the vacuums after the wash so these customers can be in and out in no time flat.  Plus our vacuum area is very large so you have plenty of room to open all your doors.
Vacuums are always FREE with any wash!
Smudge Dog Wash

  When was the last time you said, "My dog smells"?
Okay, be honest. Come visit us and you will say, "
I love washing my dog at Smudge Dog Wash and he smells great for weeks
".We created custom tubs from actual truck beds. Giving you plenty of room even for the biggest dog. We have steps for you to ease your pup onto our drying stations. We supply all the shampoos, conditioners, brushes, towels and driers, or bring your own supplies and save some money. The best part is that we clean up the mess and disinfect after you're finished.  There are also two fenced dog parks for your convenience. You can let you dog air dry or just come hangout and let them run around.